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Our Mission

The mission of the Interfaith Dental Clinic is to restore, protect, and improve the oral health of uninsured, low-income, working people, their children and the elderly in Middle Tennessee through access to affordable quality dental care, oral disease prevention services, and
oral health education.

Our Vision

Interfaith Dental Clinic's vision is that every individual has the opportunity to achieve and sustain a healthy smile.

A Smile Changes Everything

Interfaith Dental Clinic is participating in The Big Payback!

 The Big Payback is a community-wide, online giving day hosted by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee on May 6, 2014. This charitable giving day will help our organization raise much-needed unrestricted dollars and celebrate the good work of all Middle Tennessee nonprofits.


For 24 hours, beginning at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, May 6th, donors can make gifts to participating nonprofits. We will be eligible for incentives, bonuses and additional prizes throughout the day so your gift would be greatly appreciated. 

Stay tuned for more details!

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Thank you Nashville Predators and Dex Imaging!

Now that the season has come to a close, Dex Imaging and The Nashville Predators have raised more than $4,150 for Interfaith Dental Clinic. Click here to learn more!


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Interfaith Dental Clinic will be hosting a Nitrous Oxide Administering and Monitoring Course




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Success Stories

"I went from having nothing to look forward to, to having joy in my life again....

Meet Hannah, an Interfaith Dental Clinic patient who came to us in pain and with so much swelling that she could not see out of one eye. Hannah grew up with almost no dental care . Every member of her family had full dentures by the age of 30.  Before she found us, Hannah traveled out of state to a free dental care day, just to learn that only oral surgery could repair her decayed, broken teeth.  Hannah routinely used a razor blade and...

"I am not going to be embarrassed today!"

 When Nickye moved to Mt. Juliet several years ago, she got a job working at Cracker Barrel.“I loved my job, but I had to get up every morning and say ‘I am not going to be embarrassed today.’  I would always wonder, ‘what are my customers going to think of me?’  Most of my customers were actually really nice.”“I knew I needed to do something about my teeth.  I had lost my dental insurance when I got...

"I would never want to go anywhere else!"

  When Interfaith Dental clinic patient Johnnie Hays, age 87, entered our Comprehensive Care program, he had not received regular dental care since his years in the Army during World War II.  He had been fortunate enough not to experience any major pain issues until last year when a tooth began to really bother him.  He told his daughter, Tianna, of his discomfort and she asked to take a look in his mouth.  Knowing her...

"People pre-judge and think that if you don't have teeth, you are not...

Melinda lived with pain and embarrassment for a  long time. Her husband was out of work, and she was working long hours at a fast food restaurant to support for family of four. Her oral health was having a very negative effect on her life."For the past several years, I have been having my teeth pulled one at a time as the pain came and as I could afford it," Melinda said. "I really never went out in public at all. I wouldn't even got to my...

"I knew when I saw her face that she would not let anything happen to me. The...

A severe toothache forced Helen into a dentist office a few summers ago.  The entire side of her face was swollen from a severe infection.  Helen had a bad experience at the dentist office in years past and she was “deathly afraid” to return.  The doctor removed her infected tooth, assessed Helen for further treatment and provided her with an estimate to have her mouth restored.  Helen needed 31 teeth extracted, 12 by an oral...


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